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Black Man In Prison For 23 Years Found Innocent


Black Man In Prison For 23 Years Found Innocent


We have had so many that have fought for our rights. And here we are years later- this man has done 23 years in prison and was wrongfully accused to find out the state will not compensate him.

When you are found guilty of a crime (even when you know you are innocent ) your life is taken from you. You can not get the time back, family and friends have disowned you, you have no job and no home. O and please do not try to get any of those back when you are released from prison.

The court made a mistake. Mind you your life is in their hands, thank God it wasn’t the death penalty there is definitely no coming back from that. SMH

So all he gets now is a pat on the back an apology. The system has to do better.

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