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Here’s How Rob Kardashian Can Possibly Dodge Jail Time Over Leaking Blac Chyna’s Nude Photos

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Here’s How Rob Kardashian Can Possibly Dodge Jail Time Over Leaking Blac Chyna’s Nude Photos

The latest drama between Rob Kardashian and his on again off again fiancée/baby mama Blac Chyna has social media literally on its head! From Chyna’s claims of Rob’s cheating and physical abuse to Rob’s claims of Chyna conning him out of millions of dollars to her sleeping with men in the very bed she and Rob conceived baby Dream in … the whole thing is just too much!! Well while most of us grabbed our popcorn and viewed the public fued as just entertainment, Rob throwing Blac Chyna’s naked pics in the mix may have just upped it to a criminal offense.

Apparently, the Kardashian sibling may have broken the revenge porn law. The “revenge porn” law which was established in California back in 2013 basically states that it is illegal to intentionally share images of private body parts with the intent of causing emotional distress. If found in violation, you will be charged with a misdemeanor and is punishable with up to 6 months in jail.

Of course right now it looks like things may be all bad for Rob but there is a chance for salvation. Maybe in her pettiness trance, Blac Chyna was actually seen on IG liking the nude pics Rob posted.

Accordjng to TMZ, the simple act of liking the pics may jeopardize Chyna’s case because it doesn’t show emotional distress.

“What’s more … the law says in order to be convicted there must have been an understanding the images would remain private. “Liking” the pics does not seem consistent with keeping the pics private.”


Ain’t that a b*tch… your ex girl takes your money, your love and now possibly your freedom?


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