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Nicki Minaj “Make Love” Verse Aimed At Azealia Banks Not Remy Ma?



So here is a curve ball in this Nicki Minaj and Remy MA beef. Word around the internet is that Nicki Minaj’s Gucci Mane “Make Love” verse was for Azealia Banks who has been taking shots at her via Social Media. A fan recently broke down what was said in the rhyme and it does make sense. Now if this is actually aimed at Banks. It proves my point that Nicki actually has bars and don’t just get on a track angry yelling shit out as Remy does.

So here is the logic the fan broke down below. Can we just say that Azealia is fucking crazy and don’t nobody need to fuck with her. Just be a kinds of nice to her ass. She says she bottled up Nicki’s energy and will sprinkle it on her music. She’s out here doing voodoo!