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Rapper Cassidy Arrested For Marijuana & Outstanding Warrants



Cassidy is the latest rapper to get in trouble to the law. He was arrested for smoking marijuana outside of his house in a parked van. He must have assumed he could smoke in front of his home without being harassed by the police since he had a zip lock bag full of weed also in the vehicle.

According to TMZ:

Cassidy was just chillin’ in a parked van outside his house when cops busted him — which they say has more to do with the joint and baggie full of marijuana allegedly in the van.

The Philly MC was busted Sunday afternoon in Jersey City when police say they spotted him in the vehicle, and noticed a strong marijuana odor. Officers say there was a joint sitting in clear view on the dashboard. They also found a baggie of weed and a grinder, typically used to crush weed … according to the police report.

Cassidy was booked for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.
Law enforcement tells us they discovered Cassidy has an outstanding warrant in another county — for the exact same offenses. So, now he has 2 court dates … for the old and new charges.
The lesson? Don’t park and smoke. Allegedly.

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