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21 Savage On Clubhouse Sending Threats and Admits To Killing 30 People



It’s really sad out here for these rappers. The egos gone really keep them from progressing. 21 Savage really like to argue on clubhouse in real life tho! The rapper got into a screaming match with some dude on Clubhouse where he basically threatened him and admitted to his crew killing 30 opps. Take a listen below.

“You waited for this moment your whole life, so you could argue with a n-gga on Clubhouse. You keep letting all these Chicago n-ggas boost your head up, like y’all n-gga ain’t dying in real life, man. Stop playing.”

“Every n-gga that we beef with, 30 of they n-ggas get smoked and don’t nothing happen to us. In real life, n-gga. It’s real life”

“Aye Cap, you from Chicago. I advise you to shut the f-ck up,’ Cause the n-ggas that I f-ck with up there spanking sh-t, so stop playing. Y’all ain’t spanking nothing, n-gga…You will die.”