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50 Cent Continues To Go After Teairra Mari For The 50k She Owes Him



We got some 50 Cent drama heating up, and Teairra Mari is still playing dodgeball with the man himself. 💸🏀

So, check it — Teairra owes Fiddy a cool $50,476, and 50 ain’t playing. Homeboy filed a Writ of Execution in Sacramento County, basically telling the court, “Go get my money.” 💰🚨

Now, word on the street was Teairra might be hiding out in ATL, but 50 Cent’s got other ideas. He’s sending the Sheriff’s Department up in Northern Cali, suggesting he knows where she’s stashin’ the cash. 🕵️‍♂️🗺️

Flashback to 2018, Teairra filed a lawsuit against 50 and her ex for that revenge porn mess. Long story short, the judge sided with Fiddy, and Teairra got hit with legal fees, sanctions, and interest — totaling up to a hefty bill. 💔⚖️

Teairra, you better grab your financial umbrella, ’cause it’s raining bills, and 50 Cent’s making it pour! ☔💸