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50 Cent Being Sued By “Mic Toss” Victim



50 Cent might’ve dodged a criminal charge for mic-tossing drama, but now he’s got another battle on his hands – a lawsuit straight outta LA!

So, here’s the scoop: during 50’s Final Lap Tour, the mic was acting up, and homeboy decided to chuck it into the crowd.

Now, Bryhana, a Power 106 radio host, claims that mic had her name on it – smacking her face and wrist real bad, causing some serious, long-term damage.

In the court docs, she’s dropping dime on a concussion, a forehead laceration, and a bunch of bumps and bruises. Ouch! Bryhana’s back on her radio grind, but she’s saying the emotional scars from the mic-drop fiasco are still real.

Now, she’s coming at 50 with a lawsuit, demandin’ the green for lost wages, medical bills, and all the other mess. 50, through his legal squad, denied throwing shade intentionally before, but this new suit? No word from him yet.