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50 Cent Got Jokes On Madonna’s Booty Again…. Compares Her Ass To An ‘Ant’! 🐜



50 Cent just can’t resist poking fun at Madonna, and he’s back at it, reigniting their ongoing feud. The rapper took to Instagram on Friday, sharing a side-by-side image of Madonna onstage in a silver bodysuit next to an animated black insect.🐜

But he didn’t stop there; 50 Cent’s caption took aim at Madonna’s backside, suggesting she should have had some work done. It read, “who the heck did this? She’s wealthy, so why didn’t she fix it 🤨 I want the doctor’s name right now. I mean, seriously! LOL” 🤣

As of now, Madonna hasn’t responded to the post, but it’s safe to say Fitty’s jabs aren’t doing any favors for their ongoing feud. 😬🙈