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A Newcomer To The Game Meet Rapper “Sledge Dibiase”



A Newcomer To The Game But Not The Streets Meet Rapper “Sledge Dibiase”

Harlem, New York Rapper “Sledge Dibiase released his new single “Dibi” to bring reminisce of pro wrestler Ted Dibiase in which inspired his stage name “Sledge Dibiase”. Who doesn’t want to be like DiBi? “The Million Dollar Man” full of life, a big ego, a millionaire mindset, and killing opponents prior to entering the ring. You’re probably wondering who’s Dibi and why would you want to emulate his tactics ?Legends are born or sometimes created. With a Millionaire mindset you set standards and come out as the champion. This catchy combination of using wrestling and dancing for his hit “Dibi” will move you and many others. Sledge Dibiase is set to release his new album Fly and a Wonderful as early as January 2019.


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