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Ari Fletcher Celebrates Birthday with New Lamborghini, Sparking Social Media Reactions



Ari Fletcher took to Instagram on July 8 to showcase her birthday gift: a matte black Lamborghini with yellow detailing. The reveal, accompanied by Latto’s song “Big Mama,” showed Fletcher in a warehouse full of cars.

Celebrating her upcoming 29th birthday on July 12, she expressed her joy in the caption, “Happy. Blessed. Thankful 💫.”

Social media users reacted with curiosity, noting Fletcher’s extensive car collection, which includes vehicles gifted by Moneybagg Yo over the years, such as a Lambo truck, Bentley SUVs, a Rolls Royce, and a Range Rover.

Instagram user @missdezzyy wrote, “they don’t get tired of getting new cars ? i would get bored buy me a d**n cow and some chickens 😂”

While Instagram user @starflow added, “We always see celebrities but a car and we never see them driving lmao”


Instagram user @hooper.elles_ wrote, “im starting to think they lease these cars out every year for the birthday .”

While Instagram user @hilary_banks added, “Another car….groundbreaking”

Instagram user @_okaynatalia wrote, “Celebrity gifts are boring cause it’s always the same stuff. Cars and jewelry”

While Instagram user @chrissy.thebombshell added, “Don’t she already have like 100 cars already 😩😂 how many more cars do she need damn!!”

Instagram user @dannydabosslady wrote, “Is getting a car even exciting anymore when u got money especially when u don’t get to drive them 😩🙄 but lemme shut up for she call me brokey😂🎂”


While Instagram user @iseenhimbefore added, “How many cars these ppl need? 🤔”

Instagram user @bxtchitsbigmoe wrote, “How many cars she gone get😭😭👏🏾🔥but congrats babyyyy”