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Kanye West Claims He Owes Beanie Sigel $50M For The Name ‘Yeezy’ And Beanie Confirms



Pay up says Beanie Sigel whom claims he is owed $50M and 5% stock for the Yeezy name. Kanye was recently in a interview with drink champs that he owes Beanie money.  still owe Beanie [Sigel] money and I been trying to give him his money. He’s gonna get the money,” said Kanye West. N.O.R.E. then asked him for what he owe Beanie Sigel Money. ‘Cause he made the name Yeezy,” reveals Ye. “He used to call me Yeezy. People who took a liking to me in volatile situations would always give me a nickname so it seemed like I was cool like them. My boy Mali who used to sell guns, he called me K-Rock when I would be on 79th and stuff like that.”

“[Yeezy] was Beanie’s name for me when I was in Baseline [Studios]. Like on some, ‘Oh, that’s Yeezy,’ make him one of us. He let me wear his State Property chain. He really just embraced me. I still owe Beanie money and I’ve been trying to give him this money for a minute. I’m like, ‘This man made up the name.’ It’s like the lady who made the Nike swoosh, Phil Knight [co-founder and former CEO of Nike] made sure she was straight.”

Beanie also had some words for KanyeNow during a recent appearance at a club in Philadelphia, Beanie Sigel reveals the amount of money that Kanye West is trying to give him. “I got a call from the motherf–ker the other day, Kanye West,” Beanie reveals. “He said ‘Sig I owe you $50M and 5% stock in Yeezy. And I don’t know if ni–as know, Yeezy’s did $1.7 billion last year.”