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C-Murder’s Murder Conviction Upheld By Federal Judge



A federal judge has upheld C-Murder‘s murder conviction. U.S. District Judge Sarah S. Vance has rejected C-Murder’s petition. The rapper and his attorney looked to overturn the 2009 conviction finding him guilty of shooting and killing 16 year old Steve Thomas at Platinum Club in New Orleans.

There were two witnesses, Darnell and Kenneth Jordan, who recalled seeing C Murder take Thomas’ life at the nightclub. C-Murder would then be sentenced to life in prison in 2009.

The two men later recanted their testimonies in 2018 claiming they were coerced by law enforcement to lie on Miller. On Nov. 13, Judge Vance addressed Darnell and Kenneth Jordan’s recantations. She stated that their retracted statements were “suspect and not reliable.”

“The state trial court found contradictions and falsities in both Darnell’s and Kenneth’s affidavits which led the court to conclude that the affidavits were not credible and unreliable to serve as proof,” the judges’s decision reads.

Miller’s attorney, Jane Hogan, tells Fader. She appealed the decision to the Fifth Circuit court and asserted that she remained “optimistic” that he would have his chance at innocence.

“While I am disappointed that Mr. Miller has, yet again, been denied a day in court, this ruling will be appealed. Mr. Miller also has a pending state court petition alleging factual innocence and I am optimistic that at some point, he will be granted a hearing on his substantial claim of innocence.”

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