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Cam’ron Catching Smoke For Calling Odell Beckham Jr. “Zesty”



Cam’ron stirred the pot big time on his sports show, “It Is What It Is,” and folks are buzzing. In the latest episode, Cam, along with Ma$e and Treasure Wilson, went in on Odell Beckham Jr., and it’s got everyone talking.

Cam didn’t hold back, calling OBJ “zesty” and bringing up that infamous Instagram pic where he’s getting a tattoo on his butt, surrounded by two dudes. Cam’s breaking it down, saying, “OBJ has a picture up, let’s go to the picture while I talk about it.” The video cuts to the pic, and Cam’s commentary is pure comedy. He’s imitating OBJ’s smile, talking about two guys tattooing his butt, and you can tell he’s not holding back.

Now, Cam’s making it clear he doesn’t have a problem with OBJ, but he’s just calling it how he sees it. The sports world’s on fire with this one.