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Cam’ron Got Crazy On Ben Simmons For Shooting Airball Layup In Nets Loss To Mavericks



You know you done did something when you got Cam’ron turning into Rico. Usually Cam don’t take nothing serious and pay it no mind. However, he must have lost some money on the Nets vs Mavs game on Thursdy night. He got crazy on Ben Simmons for his poor skills on the court. There was something about a airball layup.

“I’m gonna be real brief … Ben Simmons, stop wasting my n***a’s time. I’m dead fuckin’ serious, stop playin’ with my n***as, man …” Cam said in a video. “If you don’t fuckin’ wanna play basketball, go the fuck with the Kardashians, the Jenners, whoever the fuck you with.” 

“I went to the fuckin’ game last night and I watched you shoot an airball layup. Stop playin’ with my n***as. KD, Kyrie, I know you may not approve this, but it ain’t on that. This is on me. Stop playin’ with my n***as … That shit got me mad.”