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Cardi B. Loses Her MotherF**kin Mind On Twitter Over Fans Not Believing In The Offset Breakup Hype; “Shut The F*ck Up!, It’s My Own F*ckin Fanbase!”



Hold up, Cardi B just hit the brakes on her Barti fanbase. She’s had it with all the opinions flying around about her and Offset, and she didn’t hold back when she let loose!

This latest Cardi explosion went down on a Friday, just after she and Offset were seen hanging in NYC without the kiddos, and they’ve been on a holiday rollercoaster all week. But Cardi wasn’t having it when fans assumed they were back together. She jumped into an X chatroom, turning it into a one-sided shoutfest.

The “Bongos” rapper straight-up threatened to unfollow her top fans and drop the ultimate bomb – deleting her social media accounts!

Despite Cardi recently liking a post about still being single, her fans missed the memo. Well, she made it clear this time. She went completely insane on her BardiGang threading to have one of them killed and claimed she’s burning the book they sent to cheer her up. Let’s see if they catch the vibe and give Cardi the peace she’s asking for. 🤐