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Cardi B Receive Backlash For Coretta Scott King Comedy Skit



Cardi B is now facing lots of backlash after a comedy skit of her playing Coretta Scott King.

The skit is called Real Housewives Of The Civil Rights Movement from Rip Michaels upcoming show Off The RIP. Cardi makes light of Dr. Martin Luther King JR. infidelity with other wives of Civil Rights leaders like Malcolm X, Jesse Jackson wife and Rosa Parks.

Bernice King, Dr. King’s daughter, was not happy about he skit and responded via Twitter.

“On the 55th anniversary of #IHaveADream,’ a clip on @TMZ depicts my parents (Cardi B playing my mom) & great women of the CRM in a repulsive, false light,” Dr. King wrote in a now-deleted tweet. “They paid an extraordinary price so people of color can have a platform- & this is how you use it. @iamcardib: Let’s talk.”


Cardi B did reach out and apologize to Bernice. This is the time where everything is offensive and let’s just protest everything is cool right? However, this is a bit out of pocket. Check out the skit below and tell me what y’all think.