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Cardi B ‘Rides’ With Will Smith Amid Duane Martin Sex Allegations; “I Don’t Like That Sh*T, I Feel Like He Has a Nice Heart!”



Cardi B is stepping up to have Will Smith’s back amid the talk that he had a fling with Duane Martin – a rumor he flatly denies, by the way. Cardi’s also taking shots at the blogger who decided to drop dimes.

In an IG Live session on Wednesday night, Cardi doesn’t dive into whether the rumor is true or not or her take on the allegation itself.

Instead, she keeps it real, saying Will’s drama-free and doesn’t deserve the heat he’s catching. Cardi even brings up his horoscope, mentioning that, as a Libra (just like herself), Will is constantly facing tests from others until they reach a breaking point – a nod to the infamous Oscars slap.

In a nutshell, Cardi thinks it’s unfair when people get pushed to their limits, act out, and then get side-eyed by the public. She’s also calling out the craziness of anyone being able to jump on a big platform and say whatever about anyone, even if it’s total BS. 🚫