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Cardi B and Offset Sued Over Unpaid Rent and Damages To Beverly Hills Vacation Property



Cardi B and Offset might have broke up for now but they are still married and have to deal with financial issues together.

The m couple is being sued by the landlords of their Beverly Hills rental home for unpaid rent and damaging the property. The owners claim Cardi and Offset trashed the home. The damages includes broken furniture, holes in the walls, and permanent scratches and stains to the limestone tile floors and on the rugs and curtains. There were also burn marks on tables, counters, and cabinets. The owners are seeking at least $85,000.

Cardi and Offset moved into the property in earlv 2022 but left without notice in October 2023. The landlord alleges they were behind on rent and utility payments.

Cardi and Offset have not yet commented publicly on the matter.