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Cassie Seen Cracking Necks On Runway In Her First Outing Since Diddy Lawsuit



Cassie’s stepping back into the limelight after squashing her lawsuit with Diddy, and guess where she made her comeback? Paris Fashion Week, baby! 🇫🇷👠

The singer was spotted flexing her model vibes at the LGN Louis Gabriel Nouchi Menswear fashion show, looking like she was about to drop a fire runway walk.

Rocking an all-black ensemble, Cassie brought serious business vibes with dark sunglasses and killer eye shadow. It’s her first public appearance since settling things with Diddy for who knows how much. 💰🤐

We caught a glimpse of her in Connecticut post-lawsuit, but hitting up Paris Fashion Week officially marks her return to the scene.

As for Diddy, he’s been laying low after facing more legal heat with rape and assault accusations, which he’s been shutting down left and right.

Cassie’s strutting her stuff, and we’re here for this fresh chapter.