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Celebrity Journalist And Magazine Owner Lee Whetstone — Balancing It All

Lee Whetstone is a Purpose Coach, Brand Strategist, Mompreneur, and the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the award-winning publication Leading with Lee.



Lee Whetstone is a Purpose Coach, Brand Strategist, Mompreneur, and the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the award-winning publication Leading with Lee. With an earned Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration from York College, Ms. Whetstone decided to use her degree and over ten plus years of corporate professional experiences to create two successful businesses – a coaching service that helps women uncover their profitable purpose and a media platform that helps boss millennials gain brand exposure. 

Lee has been featured in multiple media outlets such as Sheen Magazine, Rolling Out, Fox News, and more. Her company Leading with Lee Magazine was named “Magazine Publication of the Year” in November 2016 by #BrownWomenInMedia. In January 2021, Lee has graced the cover of her own magazine (Oprah Style) so that her tribe can engage and connect with her on a personal level. She has always had a passion to help others accomplish and develop their gifts. To date, she has helped market numerous of upcoming leaders and small business owners from New York to Nigeria by promoting their businesses and brands in her publication as well as developed action steps for those who needed to jump-start their entrepreneurial careers. and

How did you start your career? I started my magazine ten years ago with just an idea. I’m from Brooklyn, NY and I was fortunate to have built a successful and purposeful career, go to college, and experienced things and people outside of the ‘hood’ as a black woman. My goal was to bring resources about entrepreneurship and career opportunities to inner cities in Brooklyn. Part of the goal was to also bring awareness to black and brown entrepreneurs who were pioneers in the making of these neighborhoods the NEWS deemed unsafe. Well, ten years later, I did just that with my media publication Leading with Lee. To date, we have provided a media platform for brands and startups that have successfully gained exposure for their businesses and personal brands from major cities in the US all the way to Nigeria. 

What has been a major influence in your brand? The major influence in my brand has been the lessons I learned on this journey. 

What are your career aspirations ? I aspire every day to make a positive difference in the lives of everyone I come across personally and professionally.  


As a woman of influence and a respected business mogul how do you aspire to assist individuals wanting to get into your field? Media is more than interviews. I love coaching and teaching aspiring individuals about integrity, resilience, purpose, relevancy, brand messaging, and more. It all ties in with how to create a successful career in media. 

Describe your greatest strengths in your career. Sticking to my WHY has been my main strength in business. My other strength is being able to successfully strategize growth opportunities in my business as well as for my clients. 

How important is it to make a difference? Very important! Becoming a purpose-driven leader has been one of my many accomplishments. Inspiring others to unapologetically live in their purpose has been an amazing journey. 

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us? Yes! In addition to sharing your brand story (interview style) in our magazine, we offer marketing, campaign, and brand coaching services for clients.

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