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Celebrity Photographer Ty MrVizionAir Hill Speaks On “Knowing What’s In Front of You, Finding A Solution and Executing” 

Ty Hill is vastly established. The photographer has worked with some seasoned megastars through growing his brand.



Vision. Perseverance. Determination. As a vet in the entertainment industry, Ty Hill is vastly established. The photographer has worked with some seasoned megastars through growing his brand. Ty “MrVizionAir” Hill is a Brooklyn-born and bred visionary kind that serves as the Visual Director and Editor for an independent production company that has worked for the likes of, MTV, BET, Revolt, Epic Records, VH1, E!, Daily Mail TV, Resident Magazine and Brooklyn Chophouse to name a few. He has filmed and photographed some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment all while helping independent businesses build their brands across the globe. Many look to Ty and VizionAir Visuals to facilitate taking their brands to newer heights hence his trademark slogan, “Let Your “Vizion” Fly!!!”. Currently, Ty is on his way to becoming a household name. Here’s the exclusive one-on-one with the rising notable photographer.

What is the inspiration behind becoming an influencer? My largest motivation is that I was a producer and a manager, in artist development. I never thought about picking up a camera. For me, it’s about telling a story through my lens. I know my perspective is about telling a story with my mind, eyes, and heart … collectively as a creative unit.

When did you first know you wanted to become creative? I knew I wanted to become a creative during my first NYFW in 2011. I was the Sashika Twins, they were fashion powerhouses in New York at the time. They introduced me to the world of fashion weekly officially. The heart I developed from editing their show completely made me fall in love with the craft. 

What’s the best and what’s the hardest part about finding your passion? The best part about finding your passion is that it gives you the energy to get p and accomplish your goals. The most complex part is generating revenue from your passion. The revenue will eventually come to you as opposed to chasing it. I did so many free projects to build relationships. It took time but eventually the y the money comes. It’s like any relationship you have you have to work hard and nurture it. 

What are some of the biggest fears that you faced when started in the entertainment industry? My biggest fear is that I would see a lot of people work and it’s a flux of an over-saturated industry where everyone is talented. When you’re looking at their work trying to figure out an approach… finding my target niche. I also fear that starting so ate that I didn’t think I could acquire the clientele. I didn’t think I would be good enough at the time. 

Where do you go or what do you do for inspiration when working on a new project? My biggest place for inspiration is numerous. I’m an NYC guy, a Brooklyn native. I’m inspired by Dumbo, Brooklyn Bridge Park. I’m a person watcher I like to vibe and watch people engage, and that inspires me. Sitting in Brooklyn Bridge Park inspires me. The two bridges inspire and assure me that I’m making it in NYC. Another place I get inspiration from is Long Island City, I love their tacos. I love Skinnies Cantin. I love Williamsburg. I love being by the water and a nice view it sparks my creativity in the development of projects and works I put in for my clients. 


What advice can you give to aspiring artists? The advice I can give aspiring videographers is to keep aspiring and do their best to inspire. The more you inspire others the more you know you’re going in the right direction. Stay focused and faithful. Also, eliminate the word “try” from your vocabulary. 

Thank you for sitting with us with any final thoughts? You’re welcome. My final thoughts are that I’m grateful for everyone in my career I’m very grateful for you ll taking the tie to speak with me. I’m open to anyone who wants to reach out. I’m grateful and appreciative for being here and being able to speak about my journey. Follow me on @mrvizionair.

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