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CEO Spotlight: Melesia Adderley Talks Brand Growth and Inspiration Behind Brand

Balancing these roles is both challenging and invigorating. Effective time management, strategic planning, and a passion for positive impact keep me inspired.



We had the opportunity to interview the CEO, Melesia Adderley, to delve into her burgeoning brand and ambitions for global expansion in the future. Women’s Haven® is a certified organic feminine care product company that has made a significant impact on the lives of women and young girls in the Caribbean. Women’s Haven® offers 100% organic personal care products such as sanitary pads and liners, medical-grade menstrual cups, tampons, bamboo wipes, yoni oil, yoni wash, womb wellness tea, all-natural deodorant, vaginal pH test strips, and more! Women’s Haven products are now available in major supermarkets and stores across the Caribbean region and are sold in over 10 countries, as well as online on our website, and on Amazon.

Melesia, could you share with us the story behind the creation of Women’s Haven and what motivated you to enter the organic period product market? In 2017, I embarked on a remarkable journey that led me to become the founder of Women’s Haven, an organic feminine care product company. I had always known that I wanted to own a business due to my innate leadership attributes and skills, but little did I know that it would be in the realm of feminine care.

The catalyst for this journey was my own experience. I used to feel consistently irritated during my period, and I couldn’t understand why. This prompted me to delve into research, seeking answers to why I felt uncomfortable each month. What I discovered was a revelation: the world of feminine care was not as transparent and safe as I had assumed.

I stumbled upon organic products, specifically organic pads, and was left wondering why such a distinction was necessary. Weren’t all pads supposed to be organic, after all? The more I researched, the more I grew convinced that there was something inherently wrong with the current state of feminine care products.

It seemed inconceivable that anyone would manufacture or produce products that could be toxic or harmful to our bodies, especially considering the sensitivity of our vaginal areas and the high absorbency of the materials involved.

Determined to make a change, I decided to give organic products a try, and it completely transformed my life. I no longer felt irritated during my period, and I was determined to share this newfound solution with other women. However, talking about periods remains a taboo topic, and it’s challenging to broach this subject with others. However, I believed that we needed to open up the conversation and address this pervasive issue that affects countless women worldwide. So I started Women’s Haven.


My journey evolved in 2018 when I partnered with Meredith Johnson from The Bahamas, my now business partner. Our vision started attracting more and more women who aspired to be entrepreneurs and were passionate about improving the well-being of Caribbean girls and women. Through social media, we began to connect with female entrepreneurs who wanted to make a difference. They saw the potential of Women’s Haven, they decided to join and our team started to grow.

Now, Women’s Haven stands as a brand available in major supermarkets and pharmacies across the Caribbean, reaching women across 10 Caribbean countries, as well as online in the United States of America & Canada, and is a registered brand on Amazon.

Being a busy CEO and a mother of four, how do you find a balance between work, family, and personal time? Balancing these roles is both challenging and invigorating. Effective time management, strategic planning, and a passion for positive impact keep me inspired. As a homeschooling mom, integrating my educational background into our flexible curriculum aligns with my hardworking nature. With both my husband and I having the ability to work from home, it enhances my overall flexibility. Our children are enrolled in an online homeschooling curriculum, allowing me to actively contribute to their education while managing entrepreneurial ventures.

What made you start your business? What was the biggest inspiration? Due to personal experiences and uncovering the dangers of traditional products, my passion for creating a brand dedicated to offering organic, safer alternatives ignited. With having two daughters, ensuring their access to organic products became a primary inspiration. The biggest inspiration is empowering girls and women to make informed choices about their health and helping to improve their overall well-being.

What impact do you hope Women’s Haven will have on the period product industry and women’s health in general? The goal is to revolutionize the period product industry by providing organic, trustworthy alternatives. We aim to break taboos surrounding menstrual health, educate, foster open conversations, and empower women to prioritize their well-being. Women’s Haven seeks to be a catalyst for positive change in women’s health around the world, especially across the Caribbean.

Can you discuss any upcoming projects or initiatives that Women’s Haven is working on? Exciting projects are in the pipeline. We are working on innovative product launches and creating a solution for quicker and easier access to organic feminine care products. We hope to bring a positive impact to the lives of women, especially across the Caribbean. Stay tuned for announcements that reflect our commitment to continually enhancing the well-being of women.


In what ways do you see yourself empowering and inspiring other women through your work at Women’s Haven? Empowering and educating women is at the heart of Women’s Haven. Through our products, advocacy, and community engagement, we aim to inspire women to prioritize their health. By breaking taboos and fostering open conversations, we create an environment where women feel supported and empowered in their wellness journey.

Today, I lead a team of nine remarkable women across the Caribbean, each owning their own business and sharing the vision of improving the lives of women in our region.

How do you involve your children in your business endeavors? Involving my children in my business endeavors is integral to our family dynamics. Lessons on entrepreneurship and health are seamlessly incorporated into our homeschooling curriculum. This hands-on approach allows them to understand the value of passion, hard work, financial management, and the positive impact businesses can have on society.

As we look forward to the future, What are several key areas where you can expect growth and innovation from your business? Women’s Haven anticipates growth in global impact and innovation. We plan to expand our product line, introduce initiatives that resonate with women’s evolving needs, and foster collaborations that align with our mission. Innovation and empowerment will remain central to our future endeavors.

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