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Ciara Shares How She Knew It Was Time to Leave Future



Ciara really is like the queen of winning. No matter what she seems to always bounce back better than ever. She sat down with Alexandra Cooper on Call Her Daddy and opened about when she knew it was time to leave Future.

Ciara respects her own boundaries. The singer-songwriter opened up about knowing when things needed to end with her ex, Future, on a recent Call Her Daddy appearance. 

“It’s almost like your tastebuds change. You gotta also sometimes look in the mirror and reflect on yourself, like what are things that I could be doing differently in my life? I’m looking for a change but what does that mean?” 

“When you have a child, it’s very important to me, it’s no time to play around. I am now responsible for another life, so what am I doing, how am I thinking that through?” 

“I want joy,” Ciara said. “I want to make sure my cup is full.” She added that “when you’re tired, you’re tired and don’t nobody want to be tired all the time.” 

She concluded, “Those are things that come to my mind when I process, when I was making a pivotal moment in my life.”