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Darius Jackson Files Order Of Protection Against Keke Palmer Claiming She Puts Hands On Him After Drinking Alcohol



Darius Jackson said hold up wait a min! He’s claiming KeKe Palmer is the abusive was the abusive one in the relationship. He’s also low key claiming she has a drinking problem. On Tuesday, Jackson filed a temporary restraining order against KeKe.

Darius claims Keke would get angry and abusive with him often after drinking alcohol. He says KeKe punched him in the face at a birthday party back in 2021 after she had been drinking. Her friend, Lenoria Addison had to break things. There are text messages from Keke apologizing.

Darius claims Keke also punched and hit him during his January 2022 birthday celebration in Cancún. He says he had bruises on his body from the alleged attack.

Darius says in February 2022 Keke allegedly choked and hit him inside her home after drinking.

Most recently, Darius claims Keke got mad at him in March 2023 about an overflowing shower, blamed him for the problem and called him a “bitch, a punk ass, and a loser.”


Darius says he has emails from Keke lashing out or apologizing for the alleged abuse.

Darius wants a judge to handle his petition at the same time as the hearing about her allegations and is asking the judge for an order requiring her to stay 100 yards away from him.