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Davido Drops $250 Racks On Super Icy Chain To Honor His Late Son



Yo, peep this! Davido just dropped some serious bling to honor his little man who passed away tragically. Straight up, it’s like having his guardian angel with him all the time!

Check it, celebrity jeweler Gabriel Jacobs hooked Davido up with this custom chain. It’s got his son Ifeanyi’s face decked out in a crown of flowers, shining bright with a whopping 8,000 stones! We’re talking natural brown, champagne, and black diamonds, man! That’s some next-level shine right there.

And get this, the whole piece weighs in at 60 carats and set Davido back a cool $250,000. But yo, you can’t put a price on craftsmanship like this.

But wait, there’s more! The headwrap on Ifeanyi’s face? It’s made from even more diamonds, opal, topaz, and citrine. Those stones? They represent the birthstones of little Ifeanyi, Davido, and his wifey Chioma. Talk about a personal touch.

Davido was hoping to score big at the Grammys with his three nominations, but nah, it wasn’t his night at the ceremony last Sunday. But hey, with a piece like this, he’s got a different kind of shine going on, right? 🌟

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