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Deontay Wilder’s Fiancée Gets Restraining Order Against Boxer



We did tell y’all the sexual and assault lawsuits against male celebrities was going to start rolling in crazy right? According to TMZ:

Deontay Wilder’s fiancée, Telli Swift, has secured a temporary restraining order against the boxer, alleging repeated abuse over the past six years.

Swift, who started dating Wilder in 2015, filed for the TRO in Los Angeles late last week. On Monday, just two days after Wilder was knocked out in a high-profile match against Zhilei Zhang, a judge granted the order.

In her application, Swift accused Wilder of choking her “at least five times” since 2018. She also claimed the 38-year-old heavyweight spit on her several times and once pushed her face into a pillow so forcefully she “nearly suffocated.”

Swift further alleged that in mid-April, Wilder accessed her laptop without permission and sent disturbing messages to her personal and professional contacts.


According to Swift, the abuse included constant ridicule, threats to destroy her belongings, and demands for intercourse “three times a day.” She claimed that on April 15, Wilder had her evicted from their Atlanta home despite her fragile state following recent invasive surgery.

Since then, Swift has been living in their LA-area home with their 6-year-old daughter but claimed Wilder has been using the home’s surveillance system to spy on her. She expressed fear that Wilder could become violent upon his return from the fight in Saudi Arabia.

“I believe Deontay is capable of being physically violent towards me upon his return in June because he has expressed that he is furious with me since April and has been physically abusive with me in the past,” she stated.

Wilder has not yet responded to the allegations.

The TRO requires Wilder to stay at least 100 yards away from Swift and their daughter and will remain in effect until June 25, when both parties are scheduled to appear before a judge.

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