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DJ Akademiks Respons to Kendrick Lamar’s Calling Him “Compromised” In The Drake Diss Track “6:16 In LA”



DJ Akademiks has always been vocal about his admiration for Drake. Despite occasional disagreements between Drake and the blogger, their relationship has remained amicable. Drake occasionally shares insider information with Akademiks, which the latter then shares on his streams for his audience. However, this dynamic has led some to question Akademiks’ objectivity, suggesting he’s “compromised” due to his close ties with Drake and the OVO camp.

Today, Kendrick Lamar released a new track titled “6:16 In LA,” taking another swipe at Drake. Throughout the song, Lamar adopts a more relaxed tone, poking fun at Drake’s alleged paranoia. Additionally, Lamar accuses Akademiks of being “compromised,” asserting that he’ll always favor Drake regardless of the circumstances. Akademiks listened to the track live on stream and, while he appreciated Lamar’s work, felt compelled to address the “compromised” accusations.