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DL Hughley‘s Daughter Addresses Mo’Nique Bringing Up Past Family Trauma



The saga continues…

The drama between comedians, DL Hughley and Mo’Nique has reached a new low, after Auntie Mo decided to Bring up DL‘s family and use sensitive, past trauma against him. 

On Friday, June 2, Mo’Nique took to her Instagram page and posted a clip of a 2018 interview where Mr. Hughley opened up about not believing his youngest daughter when she expressed she was sexually violated by one of his friends . 

In her caption, the “Precious” star flamed her nemesis for never protecting black women — even when they are in his family. “When I said ‘how can DL’s wife suck the d**k of a coward’, this is what I meant. When my husband & I say we have to fight for the little girls coming up behind us & u see DL didn’t believe his own daughter over a friend, because he seemingly likes his friend more than he LOVED HIS OWN DAUGHTER & didn’t want to be bothered by the inconvenient truth.”


She also pointed out the irony that DL Hughley has no problem calling her (and others) out but has yet to “call out the name of the person who violated his daughter.”

Well, DL daughter’s eldest daughter, Ryan decided to call Mo’Nique out via Instagram. 

While she delivered a very respectful read, DL’s eldest child also offered her address to Mo’Nique and told her to pull up! 

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