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Dr. Umar Johnson Says Eminem Can’t Be The Rap G.O.A.T Because He’s White



Dr. Umar Johnson dropped some controversial bombs on Joe Budden’s podcast, and it’s making waves in the hip-hop scene.

Umar’s going off about Eminem, saying he can’t be the GOAT just because he’s got that white skin privilege.

According to Umar, it’s a one-way street — white folks getting into Black culture, especially hip-hop, without giving back. Joe tries to play peacemaker, asking if Eminem is a rap legend no matter his race.

Umar ain’t having it, claiming that putting a white dude on top of the rap game is straight-up “white supremacy.” Crazy talk, right?

Wonder what Slim Shady’s gotta say about all this drama, especially with his ties to Joe and Slaughterhouse.