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Drake Shares Cryptic IG Story About Death Amid Kendrick Lamar Feud Fallout



The world is buzzing about the epic rap battle between Drake and Kendrick Lamar. After three months of intense competition, most people crowned Lamar the winner when he released “Not Like Us” on Saturday (May 4).

Drake, who had been quiet since his response track “The Heart Part 6,” couldn’t match the impact of Lamar’s single. However, he posted a mysterious video on his Instagram Story on Thursday (May 9).

In the video, taken from Netflix’s A Man in Full miniseries, a voice-over reflects on leaving a memorable legacy. This post sparked further speculation about Drake’s thoughts on his own impact.

The feud escalated when Lamar dissed Drake on Future and Metro Boomin’s “Like That.” Both artists fired back with more diss tracks, including Drake’s “Family Matters” and Lamar’s “meet the grahams.”

In recent days, Drake’s Toronto home faced security threats. A security guard was shot during a drive-by on Tuesday (May 7), and police were called again the next day when an intruder attempted to enter the mansion.