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Drake & Taylor Swift Secretly Hooking Up?



Yup! Drake and Taylor Swift are secretly hooking up is the word on the internet curb. Drake celebrated his 30th birthday at Delilah restaurant in West Hollywood, California with A-listers like Katy Perry, John Mayer, French Montana, Zoe Kravitz, Jamie Foxx and Taylor Swift who’s Katy’s arch nemesis still rolled through. We hear Drake even introduced Tay Tay to his mom. Sources say he spent most of the night talking, laughing and flirting with Taylor when he wasn’t with his mom. Drake and Taylor have been playing that social media flirt game liking pics on Instagram as well. These two are both serial daters with a new main thing on deck every few weeks. For now it’s looking like we are going to have let this plays out to see if the rumors are true.

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