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Empire vs Power: Taraji P Henson, 50 Cent, Vivica Fox & Jussie Smollett Go To War On Instagram



Looks like the Empire vs Power battle lives on. 50 Cent just wont let up from talking slick about the hit Fox series. The G-Unit boss took to Instagram and made fun of Empire’s ratings taking a dip for their season 3 premiere last week. Well, Taraji wasn’t having it and responded with receipts that Empire is doing just fine. She also took some time to salute Naturi Naughton for a job well done. However, Vivica Fox was not with the shits and her clap back wasn’t so friendly. Jussie Smollett responded as well letting 50 know that he was petty and a crab in the barrel. That only led to 50 taking a shot at his sexuality. Smollett later responded taking the high road letting 50 Cent know that he’s actually not a real man disrespecting females the way he does.

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  1. Will

    September 26, 2016 at 12:44 pm

    Well well and well . This is what I say. Wake up Brown people. All people it is time to wake up and give our almighty GOD all the Glory. I enjoy watching Empire. I enjoy watching Power. I believe that each show falls into its own class. Such as a vehicle of which can fall into an individual class. We all should be proud of the accomplishents that has been made by some very powerful people such as yourself. Who should lead with a positive example of oneself . Continue to help each other and to help others along your journey through life. Continue to LOVE and uplift each other. Be willing to change. In order to grow you have to change. Become the light and not the darkness. We must live by example by creating a strong foundation for our future and the future of others. We are the original people. We all come from one creator. This is our Father in heaven. The almighty GOD. Let’s all continue to reach, teach, preach,respect,and LOVE each other. We have to become the example for the younger generation. Now to this I will say Amen Amen And Amen.

  2. San

    September 26, 2016 at 2:40 pm

    Both shows are interesting.And all the actors are really great. Why rock the boat,the networks are just starting to give us shows of colors and this is what it’s coming too . Us being against each other. You guys really should collaborate and create more shows . Instead of being petty 50. Why but Why can’t all just get along . You all are in a position to use what you got to get what you want . Use it wisely.

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