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Flavor Flav Gets Playfully Smacked In The Face By Miley Cyrus For Calling Her Gwen Stefani



Yo, peep this hilarious story about Flavor Flav catching a mix-up with Miley Cyrus and Gwen Stefani. Flavor Flav spilled the tea on “Just B with Bethenny Frankel,” keeping it real about the time he got schooled by Miley herself.

So, Flavor Flav was vibing at a spot when he spotted someone with a dope haircut that reminded him of Gwen Stefani. He was hyped to meet Gwen, but when he rolled up, turns out it was actually Miley Cyrus rocking a similar look.

Flav didn’t catch on at first, straight-up chatting with Miley like she was Gwen. And Miley, being the chill queen she is, just played along, soaking up the compliments Flav was giving her about Gwen’s work.

But when Flav’s homie dropped the truth bomb, letting him know he was actually talking to Miley, Flav had to do some damage control. He went up to Miley, apologized real quick, and tried to smooth things over by mentioning he knew her and her pops, Billy Ray.

But Miley wasn’t about to let Flav off the hook that easy. She straight-up slapped him across the face! Don’t worry, though, it was all in good fun. They hugged it out afterward, with Miley teasing him about always mixing her up with Gwen.

This whole mix-up got caught on video and went viral, proving that even legends like Flavor Flav can have a moment of confusion. Gotta give it up to Miley for handling it with grace and keeping the vibes positive!