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Foxy Brown Breaks Silence On What Really Made Her Put The Mic Down



Foxy Brown is one of the most iconic female rappers in hip hop history. She and Lil’ Kim did it so well they have become the blueprint for female hip hop artist today. The two became household names by being able to hold their own with their male rap mentors The Notorious BIG and Jay-Z. And of course we can’t forget the unapologetic hardcore raunchy lyrics and high fashions they wore. Foxy Brown seem to be the only female rapper in the 90s that could go toe to toe with Lil’ Kim. She has several platinum records and singles selling millions of records and throughout her career. However, Foxy’s hardcore persona was not only what she rapped about but she lived it. She stayed in some messy situations. She would be beating up manicurist and fighting in the projects to sitting at the Grammy Awards. She was the black Lindsay Lohan of the hood with mentions in the newspapers and tabloids every other week.

Female rap has been booming the past few years and Foxy Brown seem to be missing from the conversation. Today’s leader Nicki Minaj has made it very clear that Foxy Brown is the reason she’s here and featured Foxy on “CoCo Chanel” from her Queen album. We have seen several attempts from Fox Boogie Brown but she seems to keep tip toeing back into her hiding space. Today, Foxy posted via her instastores that she plan on speaking with the fans about what made her put the mic down. The rapstress suffered a losing her hearing in 2005 while working on her Black Roses album on Jay-Z’s RocaFella label. In 2006 she returned and it was rumored that she had surgery to restore her hearing with a Cochlear implant. She has always been very mysterious and low key so maybe Foxy will confirm and give us full details about what really happened.