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Taraji P Henson Shares With Angie Martinez “I Haven’t Been Happy Like Purely Happy In A Long Time”



Taraji P. Henson recently appeared on Angie Martinez’s “In Real Life” podcast where she discussed her current state of mental health. When Angie asked “how happy are you, ” Taraji P. Henson replied:

“I don’t know to be quite honest. I thought I was happy but the things that I thought – Imma get emotional [and] I don’t want to. The things that I thought was making me happy, they don’t cut it anymore and so I’m in a place where ‘what does that look like? and I’m kind of spinning and to be quite honest with you Angie, I haven’t been happy like purely happy in a long time. I haven’t.” 

“I’m about to go to Bali for a month by myself. It’s my own spiritual journey. I gotta find my happiness and it’s not in my friends, it’s not in my momma, it’s not in – you know, it’s me, it’s me and this is the work I gotta do.”

Watch the interview below.