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Gary Owen’s Wife, Kenya Duke, Claims He Cut Off All Communications And Has To Text Him Twice A Month To Ask For Money



Things are heating up for the Owens.

Gary Owens soon to be ex-wife say shes humiliated to have to double text her soon to be ex-husband for money to pay her bills. If you may not know Gary Owens and his wife Kenya duke has filed for a divorce. She is claiming that since then, Gary refuses to pay her bills or provide her with any financial support.

Kenya claims during a interview with “PEOPLE” that she gave up her promising career over 20 years ago to support Gary and their three children. In return Gary has took care of supporting their family financially, depositing $44,000 monthly into the spending account. According to paper work obtained of their filing, Kenya is asking that he continues to pay the $44,000 so she can support herself and their kids.

She shared “I will continue to pay our monthly bills until a permanent arrangement can be made between us. I find it humiliating and hurtful to have to text Gary twice a month to ask for money. The fact that he does not respond to those texts leaves me feeling extremely scared and anxious. I further request that Gary contribute to my attorney’s fees in the amount of $50,000 as I have no income or access to funds to pay my attorney beyond what I have already paid via credit card for which I have yet to pay off.”

It’s unclear if Gary will respond or agree any time soon, but I guess we will find out if we see sis house for sale.

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