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HerArchy Anthology Project Shines Light on Women’s Journeys in ‘Married 2 the Mission



In an exclusive interview with the visionary behind the groundbreaking anthology project “Married 2 the Mission,” we delve into the inspiration that sparked the initiative to unite over 20 women in sharing their insights on transforming various facets of society. At the tender age of 19, a divine revelation from God ignited a fire within her to rally women together for a common cause – to instigate change. Drawing strength from her experiences as a Black woman in America with a profound faith in Yeshua, she penned a series named Married2theMission, each installment meticulously outlining strategies to address critical issues spanning healthcare, poverty, violence, and the imperative role of churches, healthcare providers, and political figures in catalyzing reform. What began as a heartfelt endeavor in her humble abode evolved into the formidable female advocacy group known as Married2theMission in 2014, where fervent prayers and discussions paved the way for empowering women in leadership roles and spearheading impactful community projects. Influenced by the enduring legacies of God’s message and the indomitable spirit of Coretta Scott King, who championed women as the soul of America, the urgency of the current societal landscape, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, propelled her to breathe life into her vision, culminating in the remarkable anthology project we witness today.

What inspired you to create the anthology project “Married 2 the Mission” and bring together over 20 women to share their perspectives on reforming various sectors of society?  First of all… Good Question… Honestly; God and Coretta Scott King. Years ago, I was given a vision from God about women joining forces to bring about change. I was only 19 years old at the time. After facing a myriad of circumstances and experiencing life as a Black woman in America who believed in Yeshua, I was led to create and action plan to help us help others. I began writing a series called Married2theMission for each state in our country; each book had an elaborate plan to point out issues in healthcare, poverty levels, communal violence, and how the American church, healthcare professionals, and political leadership could come together to discuss reform. Married2theMission became a female advocacy group in 2014. We would meet at my unfurnished apartment and pray and discuss female leadership and community service projects that would push us forward. Shortly after that, I went on book campaigns and attempted to present a reform strategy for the city I lived in at the time. After a few years, God spoke clearer to me about the vision and in passing, I also caught a speech given by lady Coretta Scott King, where she advised the nation that if the soul of America was to be saved, the women must become its soul. With those two major influences, as well as the pressing need of society overall, especially COVID, I knew it was time to give the vision, legs; and here we are.

How do you envision the impact of the book on readers, especially in terms of influencing change in the religious, business, and government sectors?   I expect a lot. I expect pushback and then immediately after that, radical success, and acceptance. Women weren’t invited to the genesis of the constitution and even now though we see some in diverse positions of leadership, women have never truly been given the mic, as it pertains to having a real say in how to improve life here in the free world. These women in this book have some solutions, they have a voice, and as a woman in this nation with children and various contributions that they make in our nation daily; it is just time that the female voice is heard and respected. It’s new, it’s innovative, but it will be delivered with concise resolve toward change; so I expect pushback, but I also expect positive change.

Can you share a specific story or insight from the book that particularly resonated with you or that you believe will resonate with a wide audience? We are still in the conceptual stages of creating the book, but even in this stage, I have heard so many things from these impressive authors, in the least. We have some who are talking about technology, racism, church and communal reform, embracing female leadership, and much more. I honestly am excited to see so many take on hefty and controversial topics with such boldness. I will tackle the topic of the American Church Reform and a plan to address how we can help change our nation with its presence and participation. 

As the editor of this anthology, what challenges did you face in curating the diverse voices and perspectives of the contributing women? As a woman it can be quite a task trying to address such a heavy topic and execute its creation with other women, in peace. However, I have found it quite eye-opening and refreshing, especially when I hear their perspective overall. I respect these women. I believe in them. So, staying on task and communicating has brought so much ease. Having people be open and address comfortably how they feel has been essential. Though it isn’t easy, all has been fulfilling and it is a joy, to serve alongside these ladies.

What do you hope readers will take away from reading “Married 2 the Mission” and how do you believe it can contribute to ongoing discussions on reform and empowerment? Overall, I hope that readers are inspired. I feel it to be humbling that our creator didn’t leave us photos of what he looked like, he left us traces of his power by way of a book. We must consider the power and responsibility of knowledge. It is my prayer that they leave inspired and empowered to help be the hands and feet of our attempt to address our nation, creatively. I’m excited for our readers. I expect their embrace of it all.

In what ways do you see the intersectionality of race, gender, and leadership playing a role in the narratives shared in the book? Well, the short answer; it’s the elephant in the room. Of course, we are all women but not all women live the same reality. At this level, the contributing authors are all women of color. Women of color in this nation; goes without saying that we have had an entirely different struggle and life experience than our counterparts. We also experience leadership at a different capacity, so it goes without saying that we have a perspective that is at the very least, worth embracing because life in America, and then life as a woman of color in America is like telling a story through a very opposite lens and viewpoint than our societal norm. 

How do you think the experiences and insights shared in the anthology can inspire future generations of women leaders and change-makers? I believe its very creation is inspiring. Creativity has always played a role in addressing serious sociopolitical issues. I expect this anthology will make an impact, and an impression on those called to aid the American people, especially women. It is a beckoning for help for the generation to come. A dream fulfilled.

What was the most rewarding aspect of working on this project with such a dynamic group of women contributors? Learning from them. Hearing their individual brilliance. I am blown away by these women. 

How do you see the role of storytelling and personal narratives in driving social change, particularly in the context of the themes explored in “Married 2 the Mission”? Essential. As I mentioned before, God never left his photos. He left us literature. What we ingest through storytelling has historically changed us. I believe this to be no different. In fact, I expect it to restore the “classic” in knowledge baring, up against a society yearning for more technology. It’s a game-changer for sure.

What are your future plans for continuing the conversation started in this anthology and further amplifying the voices of women in reform efforts?  I plan on carrying out the plans of the Lord in full. Expect me.

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