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Hulk Hogan’s Real American Beer Denies Racism Allegations Amidst Influencer Backlash



Hulk Hogan’s beer brand, Real American Beer, faced backlash when Black influencer Essence Jenai alleged her ambassador contract was cut short due to her race. Jenai shared messages indicating abrupt termination and pointed out subsequent posts featuring white ambassadors. Real American Beer denied racial motives, attributing the decision to end the contract to a marketing agency. They aim to clarify the situation amidst social media scrutiny.

“We are deeply troubled by the false rumor circulating on social media that a brand ambassador hired by a third-party marketing agency was terminated by Hulk Hogan for racial reasons,” reads the statement from a brand spokesperson. “Real American Beer simply terminated its short-term relationship with the third-party marketing agency. Hulk Hogan was not involved in that decision, and race was not a factor. We are in communication with the agency in an attempt to clear the misunderstanding and incorrect information, and believe that this false statement will be withdrawn.”

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