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Joe Budden Dances Around Questions About His Sexuality in a Recent Interview



What’s real does not need to be explained, and Joe Budden made that clear when podcaster, Math Hoffa asked if he was bi-sexual. 

“I’m not ready to share my personal journey… It’s not your job to pull me out of the closet”. Joe trolled before taking control of the situation and drawing attention to the fact that the hip hop community has a sense of entitlement when dealing with the sexuality of entertainers. Joe called Hoffa out for being “intrusive” and “invasive” and asked him what would be different about their conversation if he was in fact bisexual.

Blindsided by the question, Hoffa’s replied he was “a handsome man”, and he was asking for his own safety, because it’s “not his thing.”

That is when Joe Budden wrapped up the conversation and gathered Hoffa! “If I’m bi (sexual), what would make you think I was looking at you?… What is wrong with you n*ggas, in here!? You just assuming you are the type of a bi-n*gga!”

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