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Jonathan Majors Gets Sentencing Hearing Delayed



Jonathan Majors ain’t catching a break just yet, fam! His sentencing hearing got pushed back two whole months ’cause his legal squad’s out here hustlin’ to get his conviction straight-up vacated.

Dude was supposed to face the music today, but nah, they hit pause on that. Now, his next gig in court’s on April 8th ’cause his legal eagles dropped some last-minute motions, wantin’ the judge to toss out the verdict that went down back in December.

They’re throwin’ down some serious arguments, saying there wasn’t enough juice in the evidence presented, the charges were all over the map, and the whole “reckless” theory from the prosecution was straight-up whack. They’re callin’ BS on the whole thing, saying it wasn’t a fair fight from the jump.

His team’s basically saying, “Nah, this ain’t it, chief,” and they’re pushin’ hard for a do-over. So, we gotta wait and see if the judge is feelin’ their vibe come April.

Crazy times in the legal arena, for real!