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Judge Threatens To Have DJ Envy Arrested If He Doesn’t Comply With Subpoena and Turn In Documents Related To Cesar Peña Real Estate Fraud Case



According to Meagan Cunnif:

A judge has threatened DJ Envy of the syndicated hip-hop radio show The Breakfast Club with arrest if he doesn’t comply with a subpoena in a bankruptcy involving accused fraudster Cesar Humberto Pina.

Legal name Raashaun Casey, Envy has until Jan. 8 to produce all documents requested by a court-appointed trustee overseeing Pina’s company Whairhouse LLC since it was forced into bankruptcy by creditors four months ago. If he doesn’t, he could be arrested and taken to bankruptcy court in New Jersey for a mandatory deposition and possibly face other sanctions.

The order Wednesday from U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Rosemary Gambardella in Newark, N.J. grants a motion from the trustee’s attorneys that said Envy missed his Nov. 28 deadline to a Nov. 9 subpoena that seeks communications and documents related to Whairhouse as well as the company behind an apartment complex Pina owns. 

Judge Gambardella’s new order also applies to Pina and his wife, Jennifer Iturralde Pina, who were served with subpoenas when meeting with the trustee on Nov. 10. All have until Jan. 8 to comply.

If they don’t, Judge Gambardella said she may hold a hearing “to address appropriate sanctions against Cesar Pina, Jennifer Iturralde Pina and Raashaun Casey for contempt of this Court’s order, including, but not limited to an order for arrest to bring the parties to the United States Bankruptcy Court.”