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“Kale Me All Night” Fragrance Release By Famed Influencer Nemanja Golubovic

Famed vegan restaurant CEO Nemanja Golubovic launches New Fragrance in honor of his popular food-chain “Kale Me All Night”



Nemanja Golubovic, founder and CEO of the influential vegan restaurant “Kale My Name.” He was born and raised in Montenegro. From the inception of his career in the United States, Nemanja worked in the hospitality field. Commencing his career as a host, Nemanja began to grow his zeal for the hospitality industry. He then advanced through diverse stages in his career. As the multifaceted entrepreneur he is, Nemanja found himself prevailing as a server, bartender, and floor manager. He perfected his craft in the food industry and was promoted to general manager at one of Chicago’s most engaged establishments until he opened his own restaurant.

April 17th, 2020, “Kale My Name” restaurant opened in Chicago, gaining notoriety for being a 100% plant-based establishment with a brand mantra of “Vegan for the animals, for our health, and for the earth.” The opening was an enormous success, with over 500 to-go bags sold. Initially projecting $200–300 daily revenue, within the duration of two years, “Kale My Name” made over 4 million dollars in sales, which landed them as one of the most successful vegan restaurants in America. Finally the idea came about to turn his successful business into a fragrance. The “Kale Me All Night” was born.

How did you start on your new fragrance “Kale Me All Night”? This whole thing was not even my idea. But I just fell in love with it and it totally made sense. A fragrance company actually reached out to me and asked if I would love to create my own scent and launch it for sale because they noticed I had a large social media audience and they thought people would love to have something I have personally made  and I got super excited. I knew right away that this was an opportunity I wanted to take part in, so I said yes.
We worked on it for a little over 6 months but it’s finally here.

What is your moment where you realize  you wanted to make your fragrance”? My whole life I have always been obsessed with fragrances. I loved all the different color bottles and scents. I used to always steal my moms perfume and my dads cologne so I thought it was perfect to create my own. I love being told I smell good, there is something special about it when people you interact with go “omg, you smell so good”, it’s a great feeling and I always wanted to hear that so I then started to explore and build a fragrance collection with over 100 bottles of different scents that I currently possess. Some of those are very expensive, but I used some of my first made money to buy a fragrance, so no wonder I now spend hundreds of dollars on one single bottle. It’s my passion and I love it. 🙂

Your new fragrance “Kale Me All Night” is unnamed after your restaurant “Kale My Name”. Did that play a vital role in branding? Yes because my life revolves around Kale My Name so I wanted to tie it into my restaurant but also give it a more sexy twist by changing up the name of the fragrance. When you smell it, it definitely gives sexy fresh vibes so the name makes perfect sense. What does it mean? It’s up to your imaginations. 😉

What career advice would you give your younger self? First things first is you must love and be passionate about what you do. You have to remain focused and confident in what you are creating and even if you run into a rough patch or some obstacle, there are always ways to overcome anything. Give it your everything and positive results will come from it. Do not stress about lost opportunities, what is meant to be yours it will find you.

What are your biggest influences while making your signature perfume new fragrance Kale Me All Night? My obsession with the ocean played  a part in creating which kind of scent I wanted. I also really love nature and wanted a combination of an ocean breeze and a woody musky scent. I also wanted to incorporate the freshness by adding nodes of green leaf into the mixture. 

What’s the most difficult part of creating the fragrance? Creating the fragrance that everyone loves! Kale My All Night is unisex and I just wanted every person regardless of their gender to feel like they wanna smell that way.


That was the most difficult part. But creating the look of the bottle and what exact scents I really wanted to use in my final product is also not an easy task.

What’s next for you and your career? When it comes to Kale My Name we are negotiating franchising right now, so there is the possibility of many more Kale My Name’s around the country which would be a closer step towards my little goal and that is to turn the world vegan. Kale Me All Night fragrance made way more sales than I could ever imagine so there is a possibility of me doing a full line of scents.

Where can we keep up with you and the new fragrance “Kale Me All Night”? You can keep up by following me on instagram, facebook, and Tik Tok @kalemyname or my personal accounts @nekacgolubovic

I have also started a YouTube channel recently @kalemyname is my YouTube username and my dog Kale and I are together hosting a new YouTube show called Puppy Patrol. My friend Joanne Molinaro and I also started a YouTube show called “The Joanne and Neman Show” and it is available on her channel “The Korean Vegan”. Lastly, I was recently casted as a judge on the competition show called “The Blox” which is the greatest show on entrepreneurship hosted by MTV star Wes Bergmann and it’s super educational to watch for anyone interested in becoming an entrepreneur.

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