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Keith Murray Responds To Concerning Video



The concerning video of Keith Murray was not recent but happen to go viral once again. The rapper responded to viral video during an interview with MReckNRip Show. He expressed that he’s doing well and wonders why his BET performance wasn’t as viral as the video where he’s doing bad.

“Somebody got some footage of me, and they tried to assassinate my character,” he told the show. “But at the same time, they should’ve played it after BET – made it seem like it was current or something because BET was spectacular. I’m getting a lot of positive feedback.”

He continued: “It was before. Some footage that some people that I don’t know got old footage and tried to bring it out, but God is on my side and I don’t really talk about negativity. Why didn’t they post my BET performance? Whoever those people were. Why didn’t Lord Jamar talk about how gracefully I rocked the stage?”

“Black people always try to bring Black people down when they doing good,” Murray concluded. “The devil always come and try to tear you down when God got a blessing for you. So, I ask Lord Jamar and whoever that other person was, to highlight my show at the BET Awards. It went worldwide.”