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Killer Mike Explains The Reason For His Arrest At The Grammys



Yo, check it out, Killer Mike’s setting the record straight about his run-in with the law at the Grammys. He’s saying it was all just a mix-up, nothing major.

He dropped this gem, “You know how it is, lot of chaos, lot of noise. We were trying to figure out which door to slide through, you feel me? Then, outta nowhere, this security guard starts acting like he’s the boss.” Straight up, it was just some confusion about where to enter the venue, and this guard was trying to flex too hard.

Killer Mike ain’t sweatin’ it though. He’s got his mind on his music and his dreams, staying focused on what matters. So, while he sorts this mess out, he’s telling everyone to keep bumpin’ his tunes and chasing their own dreams. That’s the vibe!