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Kodak Black: Wants Drug Possession Rap To Be ‘Eradicated’; Claims Oxy Pills Where Tylenol



Kodak Black’s arrest on drug possession charges might have been a huge misuse of taxpayer funds, claims his attorney, who is pushing for the entire case to be thrown out. The “Super Gremlin” artist, nabbed in Ft. Lauderdale in July 2022, was charged with possession of a controlled substance and trafficking oxycodone. However, his legal team argues that tests on a sample of the pills revealed they were simply regular Tylenol.

Attorney Bradford Cohen accuses the Broward Sheriff’s Office of a significant cover-up involving FBI Special Agent James Mitchell, whom Cohen alleges is biased against Kodak. He goes further, claiming that prosecutors attempted to suppress a body cam video showing an officer surveilling Kodak, with the officer stating he’s “always ready” while focusing on his firearm.

Cohen contends that the pills subjected to testing were destroyed, and despite the results indicating they were just ordinary over-the-counter pain relievers, officials failed to provide any report. According to the motion, it all appears to be a “coordinated takedown” of Kodak, prompting Cohen to seek the dismissal of the entire case. 🚫💊