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Lil Scrappy Reveals He Dated Amanda Seales and Wonders If She Told Bambi After Interviewing On Her Podcast



Wow! 2024 is just getting more messy by the day. ScrappY was a guest on The Goats and Underdogs Podcast” and revealed he dated Amanda Seales. Now y’all probably ok and so what. He wants to know since Amanda had Bambi on her podcast if she revealed that she also was in the castle with Momma Dee and the Prince Of The South.

It’s funny because we watched the interview and when Bambi asked Amanda if she watched the show she said she didn’t. We thought it was off she would have her on as a guest when she doesn’t subscribe to Love and Hip Hop type of antics. Check out the clip below!

Let me shout out somebody that I dated a long time ago that Bam just went and did an interview with and didn’t even know it – Amanda Seales. Amanda Seales…she always stand up for the women. But, I wonder did she tell Bam she f— he ex-husband?!

Because she let a lot of stuff out. 

She supports the women – I support Amanda I’m not going to even lie to you. 

I support Amanda because she stands on a lot of facts that as Black people we gotta stand on. I support Amanda, but I wonder when Amanda sitting there taking my ex-baby mama truth…did she tell. 

Did she sit and have that conversation with her and say, ‘Oh, I f— with him before?’