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Megan The Stallions Lawyer Disses Drake Calling Him Silly For Doubting Tory Lanez Case



Meg The Stallion’s lawyer had a few words for Drake and all the other doubters in the Tory Lanez shooting case. This comes after Drake and 21 savages dropped an album and the two had a lot to say about Meg the stallion that she lied about getting shot in her foot by her ex Tory lanez.

The lyric reads: “This b*tch lie ‘bout getting shot, but she still a stallion.” Another set of lyrics that fans think is about Meg read as follows: “Shorty say she graduated, she ain’t learn enough. Player your album track one, ‘kay, I heard enough.”

Spiro told Complex, “Despite the irrefutable evidence that Megan was a victim of gun violence, the ignorant continue to support her attacker.” Later, he told TMZ, “I know many of the folks across the industry, but those people are going to look very silly when the facts fully come out.” 

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