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NBA YoungBoy Addresses The Allegations Of Snitching Surrounding Gunna’s Recent Plea Deal



NBA Young Boy wants everyone to know that he is minding his business when it comes to Gunna taking a plea deal in snitching allegation in YSL Rico case.

Twitter account @deyonmedia posted a clip from the artist’s Amazon radio show, Never Broke Again Radio.

“Man, don’t call me… Don’t call me asking me about what I think about another n***a’s situation,” he started. “Or what the fuck… Or do I think another n***a snitching. I honestly do not give one fuck. I ain’t got nothing to do with that shit. That shit… It ain’t my business. I don’t care. So leave me out that shit. Don’t ask me ’bout another n***a business, man. What you think about it, bitch?”