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Nicki Minaj ‘Barbz’ Get Into Big Time Brawl At Pink Friday Tour Opening Night



Nicki Minaj’s fans are straight-up ride-or-die for their queen, but things got real heated during the kickoff of her “Pink Friday 2 World Tour” in Oakland.

The Barbz turned up the heat on Friday night, and not just with the music. Nah, they brought some serious drama to the scene. Picture this: fists flying, tempers flaring, and all-out chaos breaking loose in the crowd. It was wild from the jump!

In the midst of the madness, you had these two fans – decked out in black gear – throwing down like it’s nobody’s business. But then, outta nowhere, someone sporting head-to-toe pink jumps into the mix, adding even more fuel to the fire.

The clash escalates real quick, with punches flying left and right. Pink ain’t backing down, and that just amps up the intensity even more. But before things spiral completely outta control, security swoops in to squash the beef.

But yo, it ain’t just about the brawl – there’s some ugly talk going down too. Some folks in the crowd start questioning Pink’s gender, adding insult to injury in an already messy situation.

Despite the drama, Nicki still brought the house down with her killer performance, serving up all her classic hits like “Starships” – even though she said she was done with it a minute ago. It was lit, no doubt, but let’s hope the fans keep it cool next time!