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Original ‘Dream Girl’ Sheryl Lee Ralph Feelings Was Hurt She Was Not Included In 2006 Remake



Sheryl Lee Ralph The original Dreamgirl admits she is butt hurt that she was not included in the remake of Dreamgirls that starred Beyoncé.

We got to give credit to Sheryl Lee Ralph though because She did play Deena in the 1981 Broadway premiere of The Dreamgirls: Original Broadway Musical.

In a sitdown with ESSENCE, she admits that she was hurt because she feels like she and the original cast birthed the hit musical. She reveals to the interviewer,“It hurt my feelings because we literally created Dreamgirls. Nobody else created that. Tom Eyen handpicked us, put us all together, we improvised, and put those moments together that became that groundbreaking musical. “

She continued, And when they chose to go to Hollywood [and] make the movie, to act like we weren’t a part. There were so many things they could have done, that they could have added us … but the choice was made not to. … I’m just like, it’s OK because we’re moving forward. Who knows, maybe somebody will leave us in their will and make it right.”